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Elias Bizannes
Elias Bizannes stacked iRobot
Less is more. Call your mum. Curiosity fed the cat.
Because dust happens daily, yo. It’s like someone vacuuming once a day your floors but with a fetish to chew any chord in its way.
NavalCalum Webb
Maria Teresa Stella
Maria Teresa Stella stacked iRobot
UX/UI Designer | In a complicated relationship with Glute...
It's great that I can check the status of my Roomba and schedule it to go every day without thinking about it. My pavements have never been cleaner!
Bharath SrinivasAhmed MenCalum Webb
Ahmed Men
Ahmed Men stacked iRobot
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Cleaning my room as soon as I leave it.
Josephfruor stacked iRobot
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As a cooking enthusiast, iRobot keeps my floor shiny and clean
Evgen Gonchar
Evgen Gonchar stacked iRobot
gonzo bizdev, curious human, explorer by nature. People &...
さとるん stacked iRobot
I'm Trump!
KittyCox stacked iRobot
Love trying out new beauty products so you don’t have to!
Cleans my house so I don’t have to!
Marco stacked iRobot
Clean my home
Abadesi stacked iRobot
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I despise cleaning but I also despise untidiness and dirt so this was a sensible investment. I only wish there was a feature to programme a scheduled clean and it could turn itself on and off again.
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