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Lovely and intuitive UI 🐬
Chirath stacked Hopin
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The best way to run a physical conference virtually. It is well thought and can be used effectively to network and connect as same as in a physical conference.
Joe Hootman
Jiří Vicherek
Jiří Vicherek stacked Hopin
Passionate about communication and people, both live and ...
At any conference I am the guy in the lobby, knowing who is speaking just to make a conversation. I hate online conferences. HATE them. I almost never attend online conference if it is not on Hopin. Hopin makes best out of a really bad thing. Even networking feature kinda works!
AnnaBenoit ChambonAnna Grigoryan
Anthony Fiedler
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Had the opportunity to attend a conference (DS Go) virtually - the option of visiting multiple areas is promising. If we can connect or make this easier on the visual side, it may be a replacement. Valuable start to interaction, though.
Silicon Live
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Events platform we use to go live. Spreading sparks creating fires, Johnny can we get you to talk?
Michelle stacked Hopin
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I love this platform. It has three areas: Reception, Stage, and Networking. The Networking area is my favorite: it is like speed networking where you get to speak to randomly selected individuals from the event for three minutes with the option to connect. Awesome platform.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Ryan HooverMaria Halse
Justin E. Harris
Justin E. Harris stacked Hopin
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Hands down the best real time networking and events platform on the planet.
Raul Rosas
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Really working to master this platform for virtual events. Clean and stylish.
Abadesi stacked Hopin
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Most virtual event platforms don't optimize for a virtual-first experience. Hopin does. It goes beyond conferencing and webinars to make online experiences feel just like IRL.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover stacked Hopin
Founder of Product Hunt. Doesn't eat pancakes. 🥞
At Product Hunt we evaluated a number of tools to host an online summit and landing on Hopin. It's the closest we've found to replicating an IRL event with a main stage, side stages, and even a Chatroulette-like feature to meet other attendees.
AnnaJoe HootmanFrancoo
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