How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal
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Daeng Muhammad Feisal
Daeng Muhammad Feisal stacked Hooked
Product Designer from Indonesia
Must read for digital product manager and designer :)
Olivier stacked Hooked
Co-founder of mirepoi, a platform for food content creato...
The framework described by Nir/BJ is universal and should be the compass of most customer products
Sakshi Chopkar
Sakshi Chopkar stacked Hooked
UX designer
The Hooked model helps build habit-forming products, that prompt users to return and use those products over and over again, without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging.
Rohan stacked Hooked
I'm a product manager based in New Delhi ­čç«­čç│ with more than...
Formalizes habit-building products
Arthur Mor
Arthur Mor stacked Hooked
A lawyer turned Product Manager with an extensive Fintech...
To understand how our brain works and how to hook a user is an essential skill for every product manager
kecwustl stacked Hooked
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Kiran Cherukuri
Kiran Cherukuri stacked Hooked
intelligence engineer
thoughtful analysis
Ben Harris
Ben Harris stacked Hooked
Product designer @Microsoft with strong passion for behav...
Old but gold. Nifty findings that still apply on todays matter of how to make users stick. Read it couple of times. Every word makes sense.
Shachaf Rodberg
Shachaf Rodberg stacked Hooked
Product Designer at @DayTwo, I am not a photograhper http...
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked Hooked
Full Stack Developer and Full Time Curious
I finally read this book and it was worth it! A really interesting book on habit-forming products. What I like is the section at the end of each chapter to apply the advice on a product. I will definitely read it again to apply it on a product
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