High Growth Handbook
Scaling startup from 10 to 10,000 people
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Pranav Goyal
Pranav Goyal stacked High Growth Handbook
❤️ All things Product, SaaS , Growth and Marketing!
Covers every aspect of a business - not just PM
Therese Maggie
Therese Maggie stacked High Growth Handbook
Aspiring Product Manager.
The raw stories
Keyboard_Warrior stacked High Growth Handbook
enthusiast new thing on the internet
Learning how to growth your startup.
Yash Shevde
Yash Shevde stacked High Growth Handbook
building someth▏
Love that people are adding books-as-tools here, and this is indeed a great tool
Jonathan Kogan
Jonathan Kogan stacked High Growth Handbook
Co-Founder & CEO of RPA Tools | Infinite Possibilities.
Great tips!
Janine Sickmeyer
Janine Sickmeyer stacked High Growth Handbook
👩🏻‍💼Founder & CEO at @NextChapterBK (acq 2019) 💖Mom of 4 un...
There aren't that many books about the middle stage when you are trying to grow from 10 to 100 to 1,000 employees. This book is a goldmine of advice from people who have been there. Get it and learn how to grow your startup to it's potential.
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