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Peter Skaronis
Peter Skaronis stacked HEY
I teach what I most need to learn. I also explore all thi...
Calm and sanity.
Patrick stacked HEY
work @stripe, bmx geek, philz drinker, dogs best friend
I love the feed and whitelist approach
Ankit Nair
Ankit Nair stacked HEY
Fast, Simple, & Efficient
Rory Hughes
Rory Hughes stacked HEY
Joel Falconer
Joel Falconer stacked HEY
Editorial & newsletters at SitePoint, musician, and remot...
Plenty of reasons to love HEY, but the Screener is reason enough.
Paul Pedrazzi
Paul Pedrazzi stacked HEY
Passionate about users. Product @salesforce. Advisor @fli...
Calm in the storm.
khushmeet stacked HEY
Pythonist, Machine Learning, Web, Golang, Supporter of FO...
Hey distinction of mails into imbox, feed and paper trail in game changing for me. Also the screener is great. However it does require some more polishing.
Ivan Bozic
Ivan Bozic stacked HEY
CEO and Founder @
I've wanted a new personal email address for a long time since my old one got so full of junk that I couldn't bear to look at it anymore. HEY is just a breath of fresh air.
Zack Mariscaltom ross
Will Henderson
Will Henderson stacked HEY
Co-founder and CPO of Knowa. Formerly PM at what3words.
I love email again
disinfeqt stacked HEY
ceO @dIneHq 🦦
Great for reading newsletters.
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