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366 people use HEY. Do you?


People that stacked HEY

John Loughlin
John Loughlin stacked HEY
Technology Prognosticator
I enjoy email again.
oofdere stacked HEY
Broadcast Student at Los Angeles Valley College
All other email is pain, and cool URL.
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason stacked HEY
I'm a software developer, podcaster, writer, and surfer. ...
Cool idea and product. Wanted to try a new way of managing email.
maique stacked HEY
🌴🍦📷 Photographer 🍭 Lisbon 💻 [[email protected] ~]$
Too many to write. Great email experience.
Kmarko stacked HEY
Writer and blogger. NYC.
screening and the ui
Yejun Su
Yejun Su stacked HEY
I love HEY, it makes Email works again. I changed almost all accounts from Gmail to HEY.
Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell stacked HEY
(they/them) NYU ‘23. Hacktivist, designer, JS developer, ...
Brilliant design, privacy-first, makes email drastically less stressful & time sucking.
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Andrew Edstrom
Andrew Edstrom stacked HEY
Software engineer, reader and PICO-8 tinkerer
So simple, with features I never knew I needed. I love being able to mark emails as "reply later", and having a read-only timeline view for newsletters and receipts has been a game changer for me. I also like its approach to blocking spy trackers.
Peter Skaronis
Peter Skaronis stacked HEY
I teach what I most need to learn. I also explore all thi...
Calm and sanity.
Patrick stacked HEY
work @stripe, bmx geek, philz drinker, dogs best friend
I love the feed and whitelist approach
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