A self-improvement app using game mechanics to motivate you
Pierre-Henry SoriaJoe HootmanJagat Seth
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Pierre-Henry Soria
Pierre-Henry Soria stacked Habitica
Author and addicted to information books for years 😍
Addictive one 🙃
Joe Hootman
Joe Hootman stacked Habitica
I help computers think about data. I write code and also ...
DnD (🤎) meets GTD in an open source project. Keeps more tasks out of my short-term memory and builds them into habits that stick. Joked about by fans as "Crackbitica" and some people give it up for Lent.
Ivan Mir
Ivan Mir stacked Habitica
indie app developer
social features, pet collection
sendsent stacked Habitica
I love that it transcends engaging with tasks and habit editing through world building.
Rodrigo Chiong
Rodrigo Chiong stacked Habitica
Freelance fullstack web developper, business consultant, ...
Turning regular habits into game-like tasks, with leveling up and quests, works great. Getting experience points and in-game cash is the only thing that got me to brush my teeth every day.
BruceTheGoose stacked Habitica
ETH Enthusiast | Cryptoartist | NFT Creator/Collector | F...
Get rewarded for completing your goals, punished for slacking. Who wouldnt want to turn their life into an rpg
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson stacked Habitica
In my opinion, the ultimate habit tracker. This and todoist are the only sites permanently pinned to my browser.
Calum Webb
Jagat Seth
Jagat Seth stacked Habitica
Banker to the British East India Co.
Nice habit tracker, different, still to understand it completely
Joe Hootman
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