The Great Suspender
An extension that automatically suspends unused tabs for you
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Bobby ShirleyRichelle Delia, PhDYasin Berk Yesilyurt
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Janel stacked The Great Suspender
I'm a marketer, maker and curator of, a wee...
As someone who admittedly has a problem with opening way too many tabs, this helps me conserve valuable processing power by putting inactive tabs to sleep.
Jarod Stewart
Jarod Stewart stacked The Great Suspender
Software Engineering Manager @Yonomi. Enjoys #SaaS, @Prod...
I have way tooo many tabs open all the time... this saves my computer from death by the minute...
Aleksander Palamarczuk
Aleksander Palamarczuk stacked The Great Suspender
🚷 Using tech to solve sales and CS since API economy.
If you use Google Chrome and love your RAM (or doesn't have it, because - literally - 80 tabs), give it a try. And start living again
Mike Rubini
Mike Rubini stacked The Great Suspender
Italian 🇮🇹 | Entrepreneur👨🏻‍💻 | Jazz player 🎷 Makes SaaS at...
I like it because Chrome eats RAM like candy
Eli Weiss
Eli Weiss stacked The Great Suspender
Thinker, empath, traveler.
Keeps my Mac running smooth as hell.
Brad Engel
Brad Engel stacked The Great Suspender
I like thinking about cool things, making cool things, an...
I'm a tabaholic, this saves my laptop from breaking down under the weight of how many tabs I have open at once.
KONARK SHARMA stacked The Great Suspender
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I use a macbook air 2017 (the old one)
Abhineet Kumar
Abhineet Kumar stacked The Great Suspender
Consult senior leaders (CEO, CFO, and President offices) ...
I love working on multiple projects via multiple windows - it keeps my work alive by suspending tabs when not in use, and letting me come back to them when I need to
Bill Petro
Bill Petro stacked The Great Suspender
Technology sales enablement exec, early adopter, historian
Do you have too many tabs open in your browser? this is for you.
Scott Abromowitz
Andrew Conner
Andrew Conner stacked The Great Suspender
Co-founder @unlocklevels, working to make a dent in the m...
The trick to having 200 tabs open.
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