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Prasanna stacked Google Drive
Founder @
collaboration 💯
Gavin Appel
Gavin Appel stacked Google Drive
Founder @IgnitionLane
For productivity.
Scott McKenzie
Scott McKenzie stacked Google Drive
Lawyer always looking for something better.
Works on my phone, works on my computer. Even my mom can figure it out.
Justin Feldstein
Justin Feldstein stacked Google Drive
Digital @beaconmeadery @audiodenny. Over-informed consume...
Main source of all data storage from several computers. I use the backup and sync utility to act as a mapped drive, so I always have all my data anywhere I go and replicated on all computers.
Jeremy Cai
Jeremy Cai stacked Google Drive
CEO @italic. Cofounder @notpotdealer & Havi...
Eventually switched over from Dropbox.
Micaela Tonon
Micaela Tonon stacked Google Drive
Im pretty much all about Data Intelligence and Management...
Great storage service on the Google Cloud
aphel stacked Google Drive
I write stuff I find cool.
Works well with other Google products I use. Already use G Suite, so storage included.
tyler ⍨
tyler ⍨ stacked Google Drive
good boy graphic designer
File stream leaves a lot to be desired mounting itself as a network drive, but it's nice to have all of my files, documents, emails in one suite.
Vladimir Merkushev
Vladimir Merkushev stacked Google Drive
Product Manager with 15+ years of experience in online e-...
Everything in the cloud nowadays. I do trust Google my files.
Theo Strauss
Theo Strauss stacked Google Drive
Currently: designing an equitable future. Previously: doi...
Google Drive is where I write and collaborate on school documents. It’s organization, formatting, and collaboration features are great (Notion can improve in organization). But, it’s exceptionally clunky. I use it sometimes for hosting videos/documents as well.
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