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Pro tips
Ruben's pro tips for Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Avoid reopening the same tab, again and again !

If what you are looking for is already open in a tab Chrome will add a "Switch" option and redirect you to the tab and prevent reopening the same content.

Go ahead and fire up Chrome, then copy/paste the following into the Omnibox: chrome://flags/#omnibox-tab-switch-suggestions

Click the drop-down box for the flag labeled Omnibox tab switch suggestions and set it to “Enabled.”

Michael Le
Michael Le's pro tips for Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Reopen closed tab shortcut

I use this shortcut everyday

For Mac: Cmd+Shift+T

For Windows: Ctrl+Shift+T

Michael Le
Michael Le's pro tips for Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Jump to the address bar shortcut

Instead of using the mouse to click on the address bar, quickly jump to it by pressing `Cmd` and `l` on macOS.

Taking screenshots of whole page or part of the page

You can make screenshots of the whole page or elements of the page via Chrome Developer Tools. This is handy when you communicate with your team.

This is how this works:

1) open Developer Tools (Cmd + Shift + I)

2) Run command (Cmd + Shift + P)

3) Write "screenshot" and pick what you want a screenshot

Configure Chrome Extensions Keyboard Shortcuts

There's a non-obvious settings page buried in Chrome that allows you to set or unset keyboard shortcuts.

You can get to it by typing this into the URL bar:


Produkthelt's pro tips for Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Turn every webpage into a Mac app that is accessible trough spotlight

1. Click on the 3 little dots to open the menu

2. More settings

3. Create shortcut

4. Tick "launch in fullscreen"

5. You have created a new mac App from your web-URL

Find what font a website is using

Press CTRL+SHIFT+I, and from the inspection windows top left corner, select the arrow. Then bring the mouse pointer on top of text, and under color you will see what font the site is using and even their fallback font list.

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