Google Chrome
A more simple, secure, and faster web browser than ever, with Google's smarts built-in.
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1.6K people use Google Chrome. Do you?


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NiLsEj stacked Google Chrome
You can hate me but can't ignore me....
Best Desktop browser.
Lanie Molinar
Lanie Molinar stacked Google Chrome
#LDS college #student. #Blind, #ActuallyAutistic with #fi...
It's full of features, accessible and easy to use, and has lots of extensions to choose from.
Marcel stacked Google Chrome
Sync and extensions.
Michael stacked Google Chrome
Craftsman, explorer, life-student.
I'll switch as soon as I read and close all the tabs.
Jérémy Philippe
Jérémy Philippe stacked Google Chrome
Lead Front-end developer @SpectralTMS, I do things with R...
UI is concise, shortcuts are efficient and devtools are among the best.
DailyTekk stacked Google Chrome
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
I don’t wanna use it... but... as a YouTuber, the YT backend works best in (you guessed it) Chrome. Otherwise, Brave.
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Cristian Buleandra
Cristian Buleandra stacked Google Chrome
Passionate Full Stack and Game Developer who loves solvin...
Cross-devices syncing and good dev tools.
Mustafa مصطفى
Mustafa مصطفى stacked Google Chrome
サラリーマン 〜 @detahq
Everything, everywhere.
كايتو stacked Google Chrome
live your life with passion 💟
Best Web Browser Overall
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