Google Sheets
World's #1 spreadsheet program
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Ali Enginmonica regaladoWilhelm Rahn
90 people use Google Sheets. Do you?


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monica regalado
monica regalado stacked Google Sheets
ux researcher doing a research thing i guess i dunno
everything. figuring out ways to automate things i've done manually is a fun problem to solve. it helps me with my job but also everything else i'm trying to organise in my life.
Juan Vaamonde
Arisa Amano
Arisa Amano stacked Google Sheets
Working to build something cool.
I use Google Sheets like a scratch pad - quick organizational planning, budgeting, and modeling.
Chris Harvey
Chris Harvey stacked Google Sheets
Venture Capital Lawyer. @Quora Top Writer. Present.
Financial stack
Yash Jejani
Yash Jejani stacked Google Sheets
Bitcoin believer.
Can manage everything on the business side.
Cagri Sarigoz
Cagri Sarigoz stacked Google Sheets
Product Person, Podcaster. Husband, father to a baby girl...
Real-time collaboration, ease of use on every platform. I did even write a blog post about how much I love using Google Sheets :)
justin stacked Google Sheets
I like pancakes
Haven't touched Excel in years. Doesn't matter what stage your company is at, Sheets is premium at any level. Heck, even Jack is using sheets to publicly manage $1b.
Raul Rosas
Raul Rosas stacked Google Sheets
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Love building things. O...
Evan Hammer
Evan Hammer stacked Google Sheets
Head of Product at Focusmate. Software Engineer. Designer...
It's spreadsheets with easy sharing. What's not to love? If I needed to, I could use Google Sheets to take the place of all the other apps in this list. Well, except for Sweetgreen.
Prashant Seshadri
Prashant Seshadri stacked Google Sheets
Building FlourishUS and FanWagons
organizes data for me
Paul Friedman
Paul Friedman stacked Google Sheets
YouTuber, Gamer and Apple Product Lover!
I like using this app because one its free but also its a cloud based software that is very easy to use.
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