Google Pixelbook Go
The go-there, do‑that Chromebook.
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Leo SF
Leo SF stacked Google Pixelbook Go
Designer @PlasmicApp
Single-page and progressive web apps, and basically anything that runs on the web feels ultra fast and snappier than any other lap/desktop. ChromeOS keyboard takes getting used to and I don't really use the touch screen. Google Assistant is more useful than I originally thought.
Zach Grosser
Zach Grosser stacked Google Pixelbook Go
Founder/Design Director of Zacht Studios, The Presentatio...
It's Pink, lightweight, and I really like using Chrome OS
justin stacked Google Pixelbook Go
I like pancakes
Due to contrarian streak, wanted to get way from having Macbook just for sake of having Macbook. Since most of my tool stack is web-based, Pixelbook Go is perfect - lightweight yet still beautifully designed. Plus w/ Linux apps now bootable from Terminal, it's really flexible.
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