Google Nest Hub
The ultimate digital photo frame
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SilverJaanus stacked Google Nest Hub
Head of Customer Support Hungary @ TransferWise
Good sound for small speaker, easy to follow Youtube recipes in the kitchen. Really like the smart home controls for all the rooms and lastly, having pictures there just reminds you of the good moments in your life
Mike Templeton
Mike Templeton stacked Google Nest Hub
Driving food and beverage sales with digital marketing.
The Google Nest Hub is a great centralized hub for all of our home automations. I can use it to adjust our lights, start our robot vacuum, or even just cycle through pictures of my kids from Google Photos.
Travis Allison
Travis Allison stacked Google Nest Hub
I am a consultant and strategy specialist. I work (most...
great for reading recipes while listening to podcasts
Juarez Filho
Juarez Filho stacked Google Nest Hub
UX Designer with strong web development background. Havin...
It is pretty handy to have it in our living room. When it is not displaying our favorite photos (99% of our little bundle of joy) we are asking something to the Assistant or listening to some gospel worship song on Youtube.
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Steph Nelson
Steph Nelson stacked Google Nest Hub
Snow + baseball = joy. Impassioned list maker. And coffe...
My Google Nest Hub has become my kitchen companion. Not so much because of recipes, but because it entertains me when I'm cooking or unloading the dishwasher. I cast my Pocket Casts podcast episodes to the Hub, watch the news on YouTube TV or play music on Spotify.
Max Rovensky
Max Rovensky stacked Google Nest Hub
React / Node.js developer. @zeithq
ahh, I clicked it by accident, how do I delete it
Juan_Williman stacked Google Nest Hub
This is the only display that when I walk into a room, doesn't disrupt the looks of the place, as if it were just another decoration...without mentioning how useful it is...
Cash stacked Google Nest Hub
Epic gamer
So easy
jknedler stacked Google Nest Hub
Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist @ Boost Engagement | htt...
I have my home lighting setup this way.
Dieter Bohn
Dieter Bohn stacked Google Nest Hub
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It's a photo frame first, assistant second. But when you set a timer, it shows the goddamned timer instead of reverting back to a home screen ad.
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