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Rowe Morehouse
Rowe Morehouse stacked Google Forms
Growth · Product · Frontend Dev · Design · Technical Writ...
Easy to set up, easy to tabulate results.
Kunal Mishra.
Kunal Mishra. stacked Google Forms
I write Back of my Head, my weekend recommendations newsl...
Keeping it simple
Vishal Kumaraswamy
Vishal Kumaraswamy stacked Google Forms
new media artist, filmmaker, motorcyclist
simple, easy and quick
sam wight
sam wight stacked Google Forms
CS student at UA.
It just works.
duplexe tchoffo kagou
duplexe tchoffo kagou stacked Google Forms
Implementing the best processes with people who feel grea...
it is quite easy to use and everyone has a Gmail account :)
Brad Engel
Brad Engel stacked Google Forms
I like thinking about cool things, making cool things, an...
There are tons of other tools but this is the quickest and dirtiest way to get your structured questions out there to get fast feedback.
Eddie McRorie
Eddie McRorie stacked Google Forms
I am a product manager, tinkerer, and a passion for learn...
Simplicity and quick to put together. More importantly, it's free!
Quincy Lun
Quincy Lun stacked Google Forms
EdTech, AI & Smart Data. Team Pinky at Marblelympics #Pin...
Free, simple and quick structures
evan stacked Google Forms
taggity tag
Easy to set up
Jiri stacked Google Forms
As simple as it can get!
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