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Coaching you to a healthier and more active life
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Chakri stacked Google Fit
Data scientist, with 5 years of experience in architectur...
No extra costs / maintenance - comes always with me (in my phone).
Richeek Awasthi
Richeek Awasthi stacked Google Fit
Just a guy interested in Products and Growth
Simple and Effective
Emily stacked Google Fit
project manager interested in tech. Where are the pancakes?
I use GFit specifically for sleep and weight tracking. Nice looking graphs and stats, however the activity/step tracking doesn't seem so accurate.
Ramesh Nair
Ramesh Nair stacked Google Fit
Founder & Principal Partner, @niyati. Currently focused o...
Great UI
SilverJaanus stacked Google Fit
Ex Head of Customer Support Hungary @ TransferWise
Does the job
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