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77 people use goodreads. Do you?

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anat stacked goodreads
aspiring font engineer ∙ my terminal’s background color i...
Love/hate relationship with this...can't wait for a reskin so I'm doing it myself!
dVoka stacked goodreads
Looks cool and useful! Just rated 24 books I’ve read.
Aaron stacked goodreads
Community @producthunt @yourstacks Previously a cook 👨‍🍳
So good for book inspiration
Matthew Bischoff
David Barneda
David Barneda stacked goodreads
great for book lists - want to read / reading / read
Drew Flynn
Drew Flynn stacked goodreads
Condemned by zeal, son of a preacher man. Tortured fan of...
How I track all the books I read. Fun to look back at my book-reading progress over the years.
Nat Welch
Nat Welch stacked goodreads
Author of Real World SRE. @GoogleCloud SRE. Frmr @firstlo...
I'm reading constantly on the train, and I use goodreads to track what I read and what to read next.
GΞR₿Z stacked goodreads
eCommerce developreneur. Crypto maximalist. Exploding wit...
Currently reading my 100th book, is that a lot?
Mirko Francuski
Mirko Francuski stacked goodreads
A software engineer interested in building products :)
Personal book library management
Adriana Lacy
Adriana Lacy stacked goodreads
L.A. based journalist and editor. Always trying new produ...
still waiting for a design update, but love it nevertheless.
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Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez stacked goodreads
Reporter at @TechCrunch. This is my email: [email protected]
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