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Katie Te Nahu Owen
Katie Te Nahu OwenĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Ngāi Tahu, māmā, founder at Transformative
Perfect for keeping track of the books I own, want to read, and am currently reading.
Piyush Sonar
Piyush SonarĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Full Stack Developer and Full Time Curious
I love reading and I'm a bookworm so I love connecting with my friends to see what books they recommend.
APGAPGĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Keeps all my reading goals and book ratings and notes in one place. Can also track progress of current reading, and read other peopleā€™s (including influencers like Roxanne Gay) reviews. Links with my Kindle too.
Jesper Bylund
Jesper BylundĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Designer from Sweden with some developer skills. Iā€™ve gon...
Has been stagnant since amazon took over. But still the best reading community app.
Talk about zero competition here. I've been using Goodreads for as long as I can remember and it's so nice to have a ~10 year history of all the books I've read/been interested in!
Nathan Sudds
Nathan SuddsĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
I'm a coach. consultant. biz owner. husband. food lover. ...
I might not read everything I get into my shelves but it helps me keep track of great recommendations and discover new books others are readings.
joseph workman
joseph workmanĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Me myself and eye
As an avid reader I like seeing the progress others are making throughout the year as well. I also enjoy the strong networking effects it has.
OpheliaĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Investing in early-stage startups at LocalGlobe. Excited ...
I love seeing what my friends are reading!
VigneshĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Trying to catch up
I love to read and see what others are reading. I also keep a lot of want to read books in good reads and use the list to purchase them.
Micah Carroll
Micah CarrollĀ stackedĀ Goodreads
Sharing info and material that would help my past self. ...
Love sharing my status of what I'm reading & being able to see what friends and family are reading as well.
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