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Go will make you love programming again
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16 people use Go. Do you?

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Bobby Bobak @ Filtru
Bobby Bobak @ Filtru stacked Go
Creator of Filtru - coffee app for the people.
Versatile programming language, easy to test, compile and deploy.
Thomas Poignant
Thomas Poignant stacked Go
Tech lead and cloud architect, I like to build great apps...
Easy and performance are great
Connor Hicks
Connor Hicks stacked Go
Millennial, basically. I build things at @1Password with...
I've never been more productive as a developer as I am when I'm writing Go, and that's a fact :)
s3n a6n
s3n a6n stacked Go
Gopher, Tinkerer, Public Speaker, Cloud, and DevOps afici...
Came for the developer ergonomics, stayed for the community.
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