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Ermin Kadińá
Ermin Kadińᬆstacked¬†Abstract
Product Designer at / Can’t reveal much else yet
Git for designers. Powerful commenting and version control features. Great for dev/design collaboration.
Juan Vaamonde
Juan Vaamonde stacked Abstract
Designer at Cochlear & building Famillio
Bringing a gitflow way of working to design files has been pretty amazing in my collaborative work environment. It improves on Zeplin and InVision inspect in several ways whilst also having commits, branches, masters, excellent filtering & more. I love using it & so do our devs.
monica regalado
Ali Kemal
Ali Kemal stacked Abstract
Inconsistency gives me headache. And I believe light mode...
It's the best git for designers. Have used Abstract as my main VCS for a year and I can safely say, It is the best one on the market!
Juan VaamondeParker Henderson
Jordan Staniscia
Jordan Staniscia stacked Abstract
Design the future with transparency‚ú®
Parker Henderson
zethus stacked Abstract
I swear I'll add my stack descriptions soon.
Git for design files with collaboration features such as commenting and dev-handoff baked in. Wouldn't use Sketch without it.
Maxim Leonovich
Maxim Leonovich stacked Abstract
Co-founder of @onebar_io
I don't but there's no choice
Buck stacked Abstract
‚ĆĀ I design software for early stage startups. ‚ĆĀ Founded @...
Can’t use Sketch without it
kurovisu stacked Abstract
he/him - service & UX designer, freelancing remotely - re...
If your team does not work yet with Figma, but still on Sketch, useful for the collaborative side
Piotr stacked Abstract
Progressive Rock devotee, Football fan, Design maniac
The best tool to organize work in design team. Transparent, seamless with good user experience
Ashar Setiawan
Ashar Setiawan stacked Abstract
Designer. Sometimes use terminal and code editor. Unhealt...
organize sketch files, create design system
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