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Desktop simplifies your development workflow.
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kathryn de la rosa
kathryn de la rosa stacked GitHub Desktop
audio producer / front-end developer / theater professional
for my static front-end adventures, my rock & my savior
Even though VSCode has built in support and more features via extensions, I prefer Github Desktop app as I like to review my code in a separate space.
mattermill stacked GitHub Desktop
Designer and river rat.
Because I do everything I can to stay out of a terminal.
Ali Abouelatta
Ali Abouelatta stacked GitHub Desktop
Associate @ Dubai Angel Investors! Into cool things that ...
Very unpopular opinion, but I prefer the desktop over CLI. Its so much easier and faster
Matthew Bischoff
Matthew Bischoff stacked GitHub Desktop
Making apps at Lickability. Writing about tech & culture....
A very clean, simple, well-integrated source control app. Cmd-R to make a PR.
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