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Cristian Tăbăcitu
Cristian Tăbăcitu stacked Fork
The guy behind Backpack for Laravel and :DigitallyHappy
Used to be a command-line advocate for git, but this Git Client changed my perspective entirely. Doing commits inside it gives me much MUCH better control over what goes into each commit, so it improved the quality of my commits.
Oliver Waters
Oliver Waters stacked Fork
Co-founder & Product Director at d3i. Co-creator & design...
Open source Git client.
Ethan stacked Fork
🤘🔥🚀 An Indie Maker creating KanbanMail, Code The Web, tog...
A really nice git interface!
Tim Bendt
Tim Bendt stacked Fork
Web designer and developer in colorado who loves hiking, ...
I billion times better than Git Log
Phil The Developer
Phil The Developer stacked Fork
Web developer.
It makes git easier to use while being not overly designed and obfuscated on what I'm doing.
Francesco Pira
Francesco Pira stacked Fork
Curious mind. Yet another developer, interested in infose...
Never existed a better git client
Maxim stacked Fork
Mac Software Developer
Just awesome and well rounded Git tool!
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