Design products that are accessible, ethical, and inclusive
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James Young
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Director of #UX at @SSCTechnologies: Design leader helpin...
started using with Sketch, now using in Figma
Agis Tsaraboulidis
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Engineer • macOS @getstarkco • Co-Founder @irisapp • Writ...
Best way to create accessible designs.
Parker HendersonHeidi Helen PilypasNathaniel Blackburn
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked Stark
Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.
A must have for every designer, the Sketch plugin is super helpful!
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Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn stacked Stark
Bridging the gap between what you can see and what you ca...
Accessibility is hugely important and Stark provides a set of tools that allow you to test contrast as well as simulate various forms of colour blindness to ensure that everyone has a fantastic experience.
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Heidi Helen Pilypas
Heidi Helen Pilypas stacked Stark
I design apps. Lover of all things Apple. Designer and Co...
I use Stark for Sketch to check contrast meets accessibility standards with my app designs. It’s a valuable tool that makes designs better for everyone.
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Head of Product Design YourStack + Product Hunt
Amazing to create accessible designs
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