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Care for your mouth.
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priyank shah
priyank shah stacked quip
Tech enthusiast, minimalist
simple design with motorized vibrations, good for cleaning and massaging your gums.
rushiraj jadeja
rushiraj jadeja stacked quip
I do stuff online! 🤓
Love the design and quite functional, never have to buy dental stuff due to the refill subscription
Justin E. Harris
Justin E. Harris stacked quip
🏅1,000x move goal medalist👨🏽‍🔧 ops @voidvr👨🏽‍💻 creative @vision...
Automates my toothpaste and toothbrush head purchases. Beautiful design. Each package includes tips to better ones brushing techniques.
Piotr Ch
Love that I don't have to think about tooth care purchasing and upkeep
Elliott Aleksander
Elliott Aleksander stacked quip
Husband and father of 2, HR pro, Master’s in I/O Psycholo...
Great way to make sure I consistently brush my teeth for 2 minutes.
shmoopy stacked quip
It automates brushing your teeth (sort of)
|\||[|{ on product
|\||[|{ on product stacked quip
Building software to enable a symbiotic relationship betw...
Portable. Hygienic. Cleans well.
Carl DiClementi
Carl DiClementi stacked quip
Product. Much tech, very nerd.
Smiling is life.
dayna stacked quip
2x trivia champion
Definitely was guilty for never swapping out my brush heads before I got a quip, I love that they send both a regular and mini toothpaste with it. It's always a perfect amount and have a very neutral taste.
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