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Software that stops your devices from keeping you awake.
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Desinternauta stacked Flux
When night comes, it removes blue light from screen to make it easy on your eyes and help you sleep. A must have.
elbz stacked Flux
She/her Sr. UX designer building awesome @wizelinedesig...
Ease screens
Louis stacked Flux
A person
A Must-have!
Sharvenium stacked Flux
writer, programmer, student.
Saves my eyes at night
Karan Batra
Karan Batra stacked Flux
Software Engineer at Microsoft
Have been hooked since the start! Reduces the blue light from the screen
Amethyst Wizard
Amethyst Wizard stacked Flux
This app saves my eyes!
Ethan Lee-Tyson
Ethan Lee-Tyson stacked Flux
Software Engineering student @FlatironSchool · previously...
blocks blue light at night on desktop
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez stacked Flux
☝️not my twitter | 👉 now @javrodriguez_ | 🤖 VC dropout | 👷🏻‍♂️...
I've been on the f.lux train for years and will never go back Makes screens easier on your eyes, plus gradual/automatic dimming and color-warming as your approach and enter nighttime (so you don't mess up your circadian rhythm) I use it in addition to MacOS' 'Nigh Shift'
Bless Yute
Bless Yute stacked Flux
I am a tech geek
It really work for me.
Surya Dantuluri
Surya Dantuluri stacked Flux
Flux is life
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