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Software that stops your devices from keeping you awake at night.
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Simone Masiero
Simone Masiero stacked Flux
Creator of Hacker Typer. Always trying to learn something...
Eyes are important. What else do you need?
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked Flux
Web Dev @ APITIC ‚ÄĘ CS Student @IUTLannion
I often use my computer in the evening so f.lux is perfect to remove blue light. On my iPhone I use the default Night Mode.
Danny ProlAaron
Elias Bizannes
Elias Bizannes stacked Flux
Less is more. Call your mum. Curiosity fed the cat.
Eliminates blue light in your screen at night -- which otherwise tricks your brain that it's sunny still -- so you can sleep at night.
Kristoffer Tjalve
Kristoffer Tjalve stacked Flux
Let evenings be evenings.
Zachary Snader
Zachary Snader stacked Flux
Maximizing human potential by democratizing opportunity :...
Flux serves two important functions: 1. Flux keeps me in check when I'm working after the sun goes down, 2. the screen cover helps me from going blind. One of the best free apps ever made.
Mark Craemer
Mark Craemer stacked Flux
Building the CREATE app
Enables sleep after late night screen time
Madhan Mohan
Madhan Mohan stacked Flux
Essential for night work
Varun Murthy
Varun Murthy stacked Flux
Working on new problems in consumer marketplaces at https...
Easy on the eyes!!
Dave Goldman
Dave Goldman stacked Flux
I'd rather be skiing
Sun goes down, and Flux kicks in. One of those products where you don't you want it until you try it.
Doug Davis
Doug Davis stacked Flux
husband | dad x2 | hoosier | strategy and growth focus @b...
Easy on the eyes at night.
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