Exploding Kittens
A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions
#card-games, #board-games 
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Ben Parr
Ben Parr stacked Exploding Kittens
Co-Founder & President of Octane AI / Author of Captivolo...
So easy to pick up and fun
Robin - Really Good Innovation
Robin - Really Good Innovation stacked Exploding Kittens
I am Robin, a student at Copenhagen Business School, and ...
Fun and competitive
Beno√ģt Quimper
Beno√ģt Quimper¬†stacked¬†Exploding Kittens
Products @ Unique Wool.
Straight from the years of buying everything on Kickstarter. This one's worth it.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
mogwai. stacked Exploding Kittens
Don't be boring. Je suis le renard de Philip Tetlock. Do...
It's kittens. Exploding. Enough said.
Clo Willaerts
Clo Willaerts stacked Exploding Kittens
Program Manager @DigitalBizz_BE @KdGhogeschool. Girl geek...
I love how weird it is
Elle Kang
Elle Kang stacked Exploding Kittens
tech for good // entrepreneurship in frontier markets
The cattermellon. But really, the cards individually are hilarious, game that doesn't require too much (but enough) strategy that can still keep you on your toes
Adam Williams
Adam Williams stacked Exploding Kittens
I simply love to optimise things for speed and ease. UX a...
Good hearty fun. Easy to pick up with newbies. Quick games a good game. Element of luck which keeps it getting too competitive and ruining the sunday funday.
Germ√°n S√°nchez
Germán Sánchez stacked Exploding Kittens
A Fintech PM, a Food Entrepreneur and a Fitness Fan
The emotion and adrenaline of Russian roulette without the setbacks.
engagement level is high
Pavel BeneŇ°
Pavel BeneŇ°¬†stacked¬†Exploding Kittens
Freelance UX designer, also working on
I really like The Oatmeal's drawing style and the NSFW edition is so fun to play.
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