Watch video replays of what users actually do on your site
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Ayush Jaiswal
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Building Making opportunities universally acc...
Best way to talk to customers async.
Luke Hutchison
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Founder of Perfect Venue. We help small restaurants and v...
Finding product market fit is so much easier with FullStory. By being able to see how your users interact with your product in realtime, it's much easier to rapidly improve the product and find insights that your customers may never mention.
Ben Harris
justin stacked FullStory
I like pancakes
For MVPs, Full Story is great for gaining insight into early users (both one-time and recurring). IMHO, to be able to track user journeys is much more useful in the early stages than tracking traffic analytics.
Jeevan Jonas
Jeevan Jonas stacked FullStory
Artist, Interaction Designer
Gives more qualitative feedback about visitor's behaviour and helps in designing better.
Sithartha Gowtham
Sithartha Gowtham stacked FullStory
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Best way to see customer journeys in product.
Great tool for seeing how folks use your products, without actually having to look over their shoulders like a creep.
Matthieu Gavaudan
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Product manager at a predictive analytics startup in New ...
Simple install and great functionality.
David Nurse
David Nurse stacked FullStory
Love human-centered design.
So cool to see customer interactions!
Danyang Zhao
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Miles ahead of competitors like HotJar
Rob H.
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Actionable user insights is more than a tagline with them.
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