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Nick Hobbs
Nick Hobbs stacked Framer X
Fixing the news one great product at a time
It's great when you need to nerd out on interactive transitions.
Natalie Marleny
Natalie Marleny stacked Framer X
✏️ Application Engineer and Git Gymnast
Framer allows me to prototype ideas fast. Has a really welcoming community built around sharing knowledge.
Marom stacked Framer X
Humanize digital experience.
Whoo love it!
david stacked Framer X
Product designer
Farmer just shipped their web platform — Framer Web. Looks very interesting & it’ll be great to see how they compete with other alternatives, especially in motion design.
Juliejulien zmiroZach Grosser
Ali Kemal
Ali Kemal stacked Framer X
Inconsistency gives me headache. And I believe light mode...
Best prototyping tool out there!
YoBoi stacked Framer X
Looking for some great apps
Nice App Designing software
Raffaele Vitale
Raffaele Vitale stacked Framer X
Passionate about the intersection of tech, wellbeing and ...
Interactive and customizable
Andres R. Acosta
Andres R. Acosta stacked Framer X
I'm a product designer living it up in San Francisco.
Interactive prototyping that makes testing and getting buy-in a breeze.
Rafael Pereira
Rafael Pereira stacked Framer X
Product Designer based in FlorianĂłpolis, Brazil.
Prototyping powerhouse
Nor Sanavongsay
Nor Sanavongsay stacked Framer X
Story mentor. I teach storytelling, design and publishing...
My goto app for making advance prototypes.
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