A simple app to stay focused and be present
Pierre-Henry SoriaryumadaSecure Division without Bit Expansion for 3PC
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Pierre-Henry Soria
Pierre-Henry Soria stacked Forest
Author and addicted to information books for years 😍
Definitely the best keep focus (in the flow)
Pierre-Henry Soria
Secure Division without Bit Expansion for 3PC
Secure Division without Bit Expansion for 3PC stacked Forest
Introvert | INTP | Coffee Person
For pomodoro. More focus
Vidya stacked Forest
Productivity junkie. Tools hoarder. Looking for apps to o...
Helps me whenever I need POMODORO to get work done!
Lauren Huttner
Lauren Huttner stacked Forest
northwestern medill ‘24 || denver
focus. focus. focus.
Pallavi Benawri
Pallavi Benawri stacked Forest
Product Designer @Visa. Ex-UMich, Ex-IITG.
Forest is intuitive, engaging and works pretty well for productivity. I like the idea of being able to plant actual trees once you accrue enough points.
Rohan Hugar
Rohan Hugar stacked Forest
I am a student of mechanical engineering who is passionat...
Unlike any other focus apps, this app rewards the user with coins. Upon getting some number of coins(2500), the developer plants a real tree. So you can plant trees while focusing. This app lets you to stop phubbing.
D. stacked Forest
Neophyte Software Engineer and Investor
Create for logging and not getting distracted during deep-work sessions.
Ani Avdalian
Ani Avdalian stacked Forest
• digital marketer • UX/UI design enthusiast • technophil...
Helps me stay focused and cut down the times I pick up my phone unnecessarily.
Leandro ArdissoneAlexandre MouriecAbadesi
Kyle J. Fellin
Kyle J. Fellin stacked Forest
30 Something Tech Junkie always in search of the perfect ...
DON’T LET THE TREES DIE! Okay all joking aside this app has given me the motivation and drive to stay off my phone and eliminate distractions from the outside. Highly suggest deep focus is you’re facing a deadline or want to refrain yourself to focus on the task at hand.
Avni Patel Thompson
Avni Patel Thompson stacked Forest
working on something new to make parents’ lives easier. f...
Because it's amazing at keeping me productive.
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