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Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro X revolutionizes post-production with 360° video editing and motion graphics, 4K HDR support, and advanced tools for color correction.
Campbell BaronRatik SharmaFajar Siddiq
25 people use Final Cut Pro. Do you?

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Campbell Baron
Campbell Baron stacked Final Cut Pro
17-year-old entrepreneur and product designer📱
Simple and efficient editing software!
DailyTekk stacked Final Cut Pro
Creator. I talk about tech for a living.
Easy + powerful + the best "pro support" + lots of great plugins I love using + super fast export times + the list goes on...
Ross Varrette
alex portera
alex portera stacked Final Cut Pro
Co-Founder and Director @ Rally On Media. We produce comm...
Simple, fast, and it works. While Premiere Pro seems to have bigger market share, Final Cut Pro has everything I need.
IrhamAnshar stacked Final Cut Pro
🏠 Home is when wifi connect automatically|👨‍💻Digital Nomad ...
It’s fast. Made by apple for macbook witch is made by apple too.. Damn! It really2 fast! never go back!
Fajar Siddiq
Fajar Siddiq stacked Final Cut Pro
Serial Entrepreneur + Indie-Maker + Influencer + Producer...
I can make videos for client easily. I bought this software for $$$ i can do rough cut easily, chop my videos into pieces, i also put audio, logos, colouring luts, transition, fast rendering. https://fajarsiddiq.com/subscribe to see my videos.
Fajar Siddiq
Jeff Gardner
Jeff Gardner stacked Final Cut Pro
American living in Italy. Head of Customer Success at @gr...
If you use a mac and edit video there is absolutely no reason not to use FCPX. It's light years easier to use than Premier and, once you get your system down, it's much much faster too.
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