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The collaborative interface design tool
Bernat Fortet UnanueAnton EreminAleksandra Smelianska
382 people use Figma. Do you?

People that stacked Figma

Josh Elman
Josh Elman stacked Figma
As a Product Manager/Leader I've helped build: Twitter, F...
Our design team loves collaborating in Figma. I mostly just get to add comments.
6 months ago
Brianne Kimmel
Brianne Kimmel stacked Figma
Starting something new | SaaS investor @webflow, @getcomm...
Addicted to Figma 😍 I use it on evenings and weekends for
6 months ago
Robleh Jama
Robleh Jama stacked Figma
Consumer products + AR/VR @Shopify. Previously founder @T...
For stalking our designers while they're doing their thing and prototyping.
6 months ago
Michael Riddering
Michael Riddering stacked Figma
🎨 Creating for my creator 💻📱Product Designer
Figma is creating the future of design. Plain and simple. I switched from Sketch in 2019 and I'm never looking back.
4 months ago
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