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yz.ygkGrzegorz Kulesza
1.9K people use Figma. Do you?

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ygkĀ stackedĀ Figma
coding is everything about me, without it who am i ?
no reason
jenstumblesĀ stackedĀ Figma
For non-designers Canva was a good start but Figma has take over, love it...!
Shanti Hadioetomo
Shanti HadioetomoĀ stackedĀ Figma
Interaction (UX) & Product Designer
Can collaborate easily
Mohammed Parvez
Mohammed ParvezĀ stackedĀ Figma
Learner | Alumni: @Thubhyd batch-4| Working on problems w...
Easy to use. low learning curve
Ke Shen
Ke ShenĀ stackedĀ Figma
I'm UX designer dedicating to make the enterprise product...
Collaboration, tons of plugins
Ritvik Varghese
Ritvik VargheseĀ stackedĀ Figma
I like building
They are creating a complete ecosystem to build products. Everything from planning to design and code.
IainĀ stackedĀ Figma
vaguely human | groans when bending
It's Figma!
Andee Bower
Andee BowerĀ stackedĀ Figma
Software designer and avid consumer of software.
BernaĀ stackedĀ Figma
Co-founder at Context. Software Engineer. I build softw...
simplicity and flexibility. I use it for brainstorming, sketching, designing
Ashish Nandan Singh
Ashish Nandan SinghĀ stackedĀ Figma
Dream big, build fast, fail fast, keep building, ship often.
De facto wireframing and design tool.
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