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1.8K people use Figma. Do you?

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Wilhelm Rahn
Wilhelm Rahn stacked Figma
Product 🧡, UX ⚡, 👁 Design
It took me a while, but I can confidently say Figma is now part of my stack. It being web based it´s a game changers
Anna stacked Figma
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens 🇬🇷
Best design tool for solo and collaborative use. Easy to create interactive prototypes. Speeds up development by providing CSS snippets.
Tricktrap stacked Figma
UX Designer Based in Mexico City. Virtual Reality and Gam...
Great tool for collaboration and maintaining big projects.
ishaan stacked Figma
co-founder at measure
where teams design together
PEW PEW LASERS stacked Figma
Endlessly curious. Always trying new things.
Excellent for remote/distributed teams, and surprisingly useful for non-designers. We're moving our pitch decks and company internal docs here so everything's in one place.
Ashley Cheah
Ashley Cheah stacked Figma
Just a simple lady who loves to share products, help peop...
Super simple and super easy to use! Along with Adobe Xd! Highly recommend to UX and UI designers!
isedwinr stacked Figma
Entrepreneur, intrepeneur
End-to-end design
Abhishek Saha
Abhishek Saha stacked Figma
My name is Abhishek Saha, professionally known as Pixabud...
Team work, Lives in browser
UniMate: Grade Calculator
UniMate: Grade Calculator stacked Figma
CEO & Co-Founder of UniMate
Camden Gaba
Camden Gaba stacked Figma
iOS Engineer and Product Designer
No more trying to juggle multiple versions of the same files with co-workers. There's a single source of truth.
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