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StanleyAli Rashidyᗩᒍ
1.8K people use Figma. Do you?

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Ali Rashidy
Ali Rashidy stacked Figma
Hey, It's Ali, I’m a super passionate person, especially ...
Honestly I can't think of something else atm
Peter Ericsson
Peter Ericsson stacked Figma
I'm Peter
Brilliant for working together with designer
Avi Eisenberger
Avi Eisenberger stacked Figma
I'm a designer
its the best
Aaron stacked Figma
Aspiring UX Designer, CA --> FL, Nerd Likes: Design obvs,...
I don't love it but its an industry standard. It does it job well and has a gentle learning curve.
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason stacked Figma
I'm a software developer, podcaster, writer, and surfer. ...
I prefer XD typically for my limited use cases but the integrations and community behind Figma make it a must have.
Robert N. Pană
Robert N. Pană stacked Figma
I do billing and anti-fraud things. Send me an email at h...
I'm still learning to use it but I find that it's one of the easier tools to design with thus far.
chi stacked Figma
UI/UX Designer
just love it~
Rajesh Kanna
Rajesh Kanna stacked Figma
Simple design. Ability to do everything from the browser
Connor V.
Connor V. stacked Figma
Building something new in the social investing space :)
So easy for non-designer product people to sketch up designs
Saša stacked Figma
I'm an Indie Maker on the rise 🚀
It's Free!
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