Field Notes
Durable notebooks designed for on to go writing.
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Ryan Hefner
Ryan Hefner stacked Field Notes
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Tracking todos and thoughts in my Field Notes helps me get thoughts and ideas out of my head. Lets me quickly write down tasks or sketch options–letting me step away from the computer or phone and focus on the thoughts at hand.
ruchi stacked Field Notes
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Carry one around with me everywhere. Full of ideas sketches and notes. Got one stolen in SF but that’s just part of the experience I think 🤓 love the different varieties and currently rocking the Chicago special editions.
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Yash Shevde
Yash Shevde stacked Field Notes
building somethâ–Ź
Interesting how opening a notebook to jot down something someone just said has the complete opposite effect to pulling out your phone to do the same thing. Plus, Field Notes has a bunch of very fun and collectible notebooks for cheap prices— perfect for the back pocket.
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