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wpboon stacked Feedly
I'm into reading, optimizing my reading habit :P, GTD, wo...
Sifting for longreads
phil stacked Feedly
Passionate about entrepreneurship communities and ecosyst...
Great to keep on top of important news and updates across multiple channels and topics. I use it to curate content relevant to projects and organisations.
Joseph Ekloff
Joseph Ekloff stacked Feedly
Designer, creative weirdo, and purveyor of niceness.
Don't know what is do without it. My favorite thing since Google Reader.
Automate Your Mac
Automate Your Mac stacked Feedly
Creator, blogger, and coach for
I like Feedly for its UI, but it could as a subscription app, it lacks important automation features.
Vandan Jain
Vandan Jain stacked Feedly
Marketer | Enterpreneur
Content curation
Michael Harte
Michael Harte stacked Feedly
Mapping early-stage tech | Previously @SVK_Crypto @Kinsal...
Nice tool if you want to keep track of blogs or sites that don't distribute. A drawback is it takes a significant time investment to setup your feeds.
Dave Mackey
Dave Mackey stacked Feedly
#IT Junkie, #Developer, #Learning Addict. #Cairn grad, 20...
Powerful, easy to use.
Delphine Ruaro
Delphine Ruaro stacked Feedly
PM @Zopa
I use it to consume my news - I have a few sections (design/news/tech) which makes it easier to track my favourite publications all in one place.
Dave Mackey
Steve stacked Feedly
Entrepreneur, Investor, gambler. Hated by bookies. Will b...
Amazing to have all my blogs and news sources in one place
Udayan Naik
Udayan Naik stacked Feedly
Product Guy
Collage articles from all my favorite sources, read in one place.
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