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Francisco Quintero
Francisco Quintero stacked Evernote
Software engineer and Ruby on Rails developer
Notes :)
mcengiz stacked Evernote
When you plan something well, there is no need to rush.
This is like the notion, I used Evernote very long time but then I passed to the notion.
lena stacked Evernote
I love productivity, health, mindfullness, and tech
Absolutely awesome app! All my notes / business cards / ideas go in here. The best part of it is the tagging feature. I tag things with a 'Zettelkasten' approach, where one note can be linked with any number of topics, to browse through later.
Laura Almazan
Laura Almazan stacked Evernote
Lover of samples
Love the multi-platform sync of my notes and all the available way to make notes.
Shripriya Mahesh
Shripriya Mahesh stacked Evernote
Venture capital for the things that make life worth livin...
Great way to track the mess of thinking. Works with almost all media formats.
Sᴀɴᴛʜᴏsʜ ɢᴜʀᴜ
Sᴀɴᴛʜᴏsʜ ɢᴜʀᴜ stacked Evernote
Co-founder of my son 😜
My second brain. It contains all of my highlights, notes, reading materials, favorited tweets.
gopibabu stacked Evernote
Passionate web developer 👨🏽‍💻
Tech company for note taking
Goncalo stacked Evernote
Certified product manager with a tech background | Creato...
Sync all notes across all my devices
Jacob Colling
Jacob Colling stacked Evernote
Life is excellent!
Checklists and archives
Avi Aryan
Avi Aryan stacked Evernote
Full-stack web engineer at @toptal, Remote since 2016, Wo...
All platforms. Reliable as rock.
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