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Austin Adamsprashant tiwariVPNwelt
1.1K people use Evernote. Do you?


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prashant tiwari
prashant tiwari stacked Evernote
Loves all things marketing and growth.
Great for taking notes
Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo
Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo stacked Evernote
About me!
recommended by mmo
Jonathan Kogan
Jonathan Kogan stacked Evernote
Co-Founder & CEO of RPA Tools | Infinite Possibilities.
New to the stack (funny because it’s “so old”) and so far like the mobile to desktop transitions and vise-versa. It’s pretty powerful for a mobile productivity app (iOS).
Joshua Hoffman
Joshua Hoffman stacked Evernote
Northwestern Computer Science 2023 | Photographer
Reputation, continued development, document storage.
Sachit Bhat
Sachit Bhat stacked Evernote
Quest to optimize life
Document just about everything in here
Isabel Casanova
Isabel Casanova stacked Evernote
Easy to use
Raketwetenschap stacked Evernote
I just like things.
It's simple and free
Pranav Pai Vernekar
Pranav Pai Vernekar stacked Evernote
Co-Founder and CEO at @boltiot
Been using Evernote from last 7 years to store documents. While I have used it for note-taking as well in past, I have now migrated to Roam Research.
Griff Foxley
Griff Foxley stacked Evernote
Writer, Strategist, Entrepreneur
Because it's robust enough
Jessica Califano
Jessica Califano stacked Evernote
I enjoy hiking, travel (pre-COVID), reading, television, ...
Easy to use, simple, and integrates with Skitch which I also use all the time.
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