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1.1K people use Evernote. Do you?


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Sam Jamshidi
Sam Jamshidi stacked Evernote
I'm a writer and a film major. I'm 21 years old. A bit of...
I use it basically as an online short term memory. I put ideas, documents, and all the things I need all the time in here, I don't actually use it for note taking.
Jessica Califano
Jessica Califano stacked Evernote
I enjoy hiking, travel (pre-COVID), reading, television, ...
Easy to use, simple, and integrates with Skitch which I also use all the time.
Brendan Cooney
Brendan Cooney stacked Evernote
IT Support & Tech Leadership / 🧘‍♂️👨🏼‍💻 & ☕️ / Hang my hat in B...
I'm back...
Rohan Harikumar
Rohan Harikumar stacked Evernote
If it ain't broke, I'll fix it!
Only reminder application I use.
v.keerthi vikram
v.keerthi vikram stacked Evernote
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
The old elephant of note taking. Still is prevalent though. One of the best in storing documents and being a second brain.
Guey Of Life
Guey Of Life stacked Evernote
simplify, condense, focus on utility, prioritize practica...
Rich DeMuro
Rich DeMuro stacked Evernote
Tech Reporter at KTLA Channel 5 in Hollywood. My new book...
just started using it again for all my notes. went with various notebooks to organize things instead of my older method of tags. Seems to be better since I used to have so many similar tag names, e.g. recipe vs recipes
Vik Duggal
Vik Duggal stacked Evernote
I write a newsletter at
EN is the core of my third brain. Note taking app helps you capture and organize, projects and other areas of my life. Perfect to use to summarize my notes and organized. EN makes life easier for my future self.
VarunDaniel PichelAaron
Agustinus Nathaniel
Agustinus Nathaniel stacked Evernote
Tech and Art enthusiast
My go to note taking app whenever I wanna wrote down some stuffs or thoughts quickly
Adam Grenier
Adam Grenier stacked Evernote
I keep trying new note apps. It does “create a note” + “search notes” better than any
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