Endel is a cross-platform audio ecosystem
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Jonathan Filbert
Jonathan Filbert stacked Endel
YC '19
Press play and zone-out
Yaro stacked Endel
Learning to build great products
Helps to get in the flow, I don't event notice it playing already tbh
Stefan Natter
Stefan Natter stacked Endel
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I have tried Endel for a month and I am torn. Compared to (which I also use) it was too monotonous for me. I am more the type for more variety in focus music. This is a personal preference because all in all Endel offers a great variety and is intuitive to use.
Deen stacked Endel
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I'm mainly using their web app and not the app. Personally it's kinda puts me on the spot and helps me zone in and the looks and UX is pretty damn cool and minimal. Loving it so far!
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Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy stacked Endel
Dogs. Saunas. Beer. Photography. Meditation.
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Anton Blagov
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Great app with generated sounds for relaxation and productivity.
Ermin Kadić
Ermin Kadić stacked Endel
Product Designer at / can’t reveal much else yet
A beautifully designed app that brings me into my flow state.
Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson stacked Endel
🪓 Digital, Design & Direction, @neudotstudio
Deep work often calls for it.
Daniel Kang
Daniel Kang stacked Endel
Curates such a great working environment
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked Endel
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Beautifully designed, functional music app on iOS, MacOS, and WatchOS. I've tried everything under the sun in this category and Endel *actually* works.
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