Endel is a cross-platform audio ecosystem
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I can't focus without Endel tbh
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Music designed to focus.
Hunter Owens
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Next level sound environments for focusing, relaxing, and sleeping.
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Software developer.
Calming Headphone Soundscapes with Incredible Device Support
Kevin Rose
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Partner at @trueventures. Builder of products.
Dynamically generated ambient music that's tied to heartrate, circadian rhythms, weather, etc. Great product!
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Decided to give this a shot post outbreak news, normally am very skeptical about these apps but it for sure helped me regain some lost productivity from the information overload these past 2 weeks have been
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Helps me focus.
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This iPhone and Apple watch app are quite cool! Based on your circadian rhythm, heartbeat, time of day, and weather, a soundtrack is played for you per your selection of (1) relax, (2) on the go, (3) focus, and (4) sleep.
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hypocritical, self-centered, nutting monkey
flow state music
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make things like: + +
Noises to work to, a great way to focus without digging through Spotify for the right ambient playlist.
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