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Tim Feeley
Tim FeeleyĀ stackedĀ Eight Sleep
Hi, I'm Tim Feeley! I'm a Product Manager @Google. Before...
Cool, comfortable, flexible. I only sleep with a cat, but if I ever choose to let a human accompany me, there are two different temperature zones. Plus, you get some rich insights to help improve your sleep health!
Karl Larson
Karl LarsonĀ stackedĀ Eight Sleep
Waking up by my mattress warming up is just the best. And I'm a hot sleeper, so this keeps me cool at night.
Lenny Hu
Lenny HuĀ stackedĀ Eight Sleep
Generalist problem solver | Product design @sherlock_score
The girlfriend loves the warming feature. It probably saves us a decent amount on heating overnight. I do have the say our cats ruin the sleep tracking feature though, as they sit/sleep on the bed during the day.
Bryan Rosenblatt
Bryan RosenblattĀ stackedĀ Eight Sleep
Investing in startups @Craft_Ventures | Formerly @Reddit ...
This is the best mattress ever -- I miss it whenever I travel. It's "smart" so it can heat/cool you throughout the night and tracks your sleep patterns via the app.
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Justin Kazwell
Justin KazwellĀ stackedĀ Eight Sleep
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You can set the bed to wake you up by adjusting the mattress temperature. (Hot or Cold)
NadiaĀ stackedĀ Eight Sleep
working @substackinc // writing
The only mattress whose temperature you can adjust. Hopping into a warm bed at night is the best. (Or a cold bed, if that's your thing...)
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