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Parker Ehret
Parker Ehret stacked ecobee
UX and Product Designer
Best designed thermostat without a listening assistant
Jordan G
Jordan G stacked ecobee
Chief Innovation Officer at Dropps
Just works and keeps us comfortable
DJ Barrcode
DJ Barrcode stacked ecobee
Music Producer and Geek
Easy to use
Leah Taylor
Leah Taylor stacked ecobee
Communications lead for Cast Influence, Doist & MURAL. PR...
A remote temperature sensor that adjusts itself accordingly. You can also monitor & adjust the temp in various rooms around the house. I control my ecobee from my phone when I'm gone. All of this helps reduce energy consumption and cost savings.
Scott Brovsky
Scott Brovsky stacked ecobee
Startup ecosystem builder and mentor for Riverside, CA & ...
Definitely a money saver if you set-up up correctly.
Buck stacked ecobee
⌁ I design software for early stage startups. ⌁ Founded @...
Couldn't live without it. The way our hvac is setup + our weird house layout means some rooms get way hotter than others. We prioritize the kids rooms during their naps / sleep schedules and it's just been perfect.
Hunter Renbrow
Hunter Renbrow stacked ecobee
Undercover in Patriot territory. Committed to excellence.
Alexa support, easy way to schedule run time, great mobile app and runtime reporting. Love the system monitor page
Eli Langer
Eli Langer stacked ecobee
I’m a great person to follow if you enjoy things.
Control your thermostat remotely. ❤️
This smart thermostat has had a direct impact on my wallet, saving me money. Plus the extra sensors are perfect for ensuring the temp is even room to room
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