Dropbox Paper
Create and edit docs without leaving Dropbox
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John Forstmeier
John ForstmeierĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
John is a full-stack engineer at Shipyard and an open sou...
Great for taking notes and putting together a roadmap for product MVPs. I've used it both for my own side projects as well as participated in other teams' prototyping new products via this app. The mobile app isn't great but it's workable.
MadhavĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
CS scientist/engineer. Currently chasing the AI hype at A...
Only editor that allows latex for math symbols. (Google docs, quip, notion ā€” none of them do.)
Karthik Pasupathy
Karthik PasupathyĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Published Author, Product Marketer and someone who loves ...
Writing is such a pleasure with Dropbox paper. You expand and collapse content sections, and rearrange them based on your requirement. The distraction-free writing environment is an added advantage.
Syauqy Nurul Aziz
Syauqy Nurul AzizĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Helping shrimp farmer manage their cultivation to boost t...
Helps me writing everything on top of my mind fast
Luka Marr
Luka MarrĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Tech, design, gifs, data & all in between. Making things...
Easy to use note-taking and text writing app.
JORDANĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Product Manager by day, dad by night.
It is a really intuitive app to use and fun to use.
Francisco Quintero
Francisco QuinteroĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Software engineer and Ruby on Rails developer
Easy to use, beautiful, supports markdown, can export to PDF, third party embeds, autosave. What else can I say?
Noah Lisk
Noah LiskĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Stackin, Hackin, and Relaxin
Docs is the stone age compared to paper for team collaboration.
- markdown-like syntax, with code and math, timelines, handwriting - Offline - export to markdown,pdf,docx - Presentation mode - GCal integration - linking between notes - tag support - apps for mac, ios and probably other platforms CONs: export and pres. work only from browser
Geet Khosla
Geet KhoslaĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Great UI
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