Dropbox Paper
Create and edit docs without leaving Dropbox
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Brendan WeinsteinVicki BoykisMichael Sippey
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CatherineĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Product @Google. Outdoor photographer, voracious reader, ...
Clean, beautiful writing surface.
Brendan Weinstein
Brendan WeinsteinĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Product Manager & Data Analyst | Product Hunt: NYC Meetup...
Hidden Gem
Varun A P
Varun A PĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Frontend Engineer @backbase, ex. @springboard; ā™„ļøJS; React...
Paper is one tool that makes me love typing and creating documents. The experience is so beautiful.
Ario Jafarzadeh
Ario JafarzadehĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Cofounder @ Plasmic, prev: Google, Amazon, King, Postmate...
It's code friendly, Google Docs is not.
Abel Lenz
Abel LenzĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Product, design, anti-product, anti-design.
The only good cross-platform document editor - prettier and more usable than gdocs, more reliable than Evernote
dbenoiĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
technology, innovation, geek stuff, working @Dropbox. Dis...
For any note, document, project plan
Rahul V
Rahul VĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Entrepreneur, Explorer of Lost Treasures, Space Enthusias...
Easy sharing of ideas
okoli lemuel
okoli lemuelĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Software Engineer
Simple and device agnostic.
Flemming Villalona
Flemming VillalonaĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Innovation is like lightning, and I have some Leyden jars.
This is the daily driver for all my projects, collaboration is seamless and it looks amazing. It feels like an endless canvas, and the potential is endless as the integrations grow and it doesn't look bloated, like many other tools.
Jorge Camargo
Jorge CamargoĀ stackedĀ Dropbox Paper
Co-founder @ecaresoft & @elcowork. Alleged counterculturi...
I use it for all sorts of things: from my to-do list to meeting minutes to product specs and decision journals. It's lightweight yet powerful & collaborative.
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