Drafts app, where text starts on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch
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Jonathan Kogan
Jonathan Kogan stacked Drafts
Co-Founder & CEO of RPA Tools | Infinite Possibilities.
Most underrated iOS App of ALL TIME!
※ David Blue ※
※ David Blue ※ stacked Drafts
Self-Described Software Historian, Writing in Public, and...
Drafts shall always remain a one-of-a-kind for reasons that are very hard to articulate without visual/visceral interaction. Perhaps the only original commentary I have: Drafts' "automation" is the sort that one can configure to truly work in real day-to-day use, which is rare.
Patrick stacked Drafts
Designer of brands and interfaces 🕶️☕️☀️
Small enough to run all time. Great place to store text for further processing.
farbfoto stacked Drafts
Nerd on productivity, digital-transformation, cooking and...
Always there, always on
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason stacked Drafts
I'm a software developer, podcaster, writer, and surfer. ...
iPhone widget makes it super easy to drop in passing thoughts. Really like that it opens a new note every time the app is idle for a period of time.
Susan Pearson
Susan Pearson stacked Drafts
I'm a blogger and a productivity geek living with a chron...
I'm trying it out for a while because I have heard so many good things about it.
Metal Lungies
Metal Lungies stacked Drafts
Where I jot everything
Tharique Azeez • தாரிக் அஸீஸ்
Tharique Azeez • தாரிக் அஸீஸ் stacked Drafts
llustrating letters, designing typefaces & engineering fo...
It's a quick way to write down things, when I wanted, where I wanted. It's super intuitive.
bryan stacked Drafts
Dad. Nerd. Fixer of things. Breaker of things. Maker of t...
By far my most used and important app in my daily workflow. Emails and texts are sent from Drafts. Webpages are converted to markdown in Drafts, new tasks are added to Todoist from Drafts… It’s amazing what all this app does.
Saadh S.
Saadh S. stacked Drafts
Uh. Digital marketing. Affiliate & media buying. Programm...
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