Drafts app, where text starts on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch
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Victoria Teasdale
Victoria Teasdale stacked Drafts
Workflow design coach for diverse thinkers. Mama to 2 SEN...
I take a LOT of random notes. I need to do a LOT of different things with those notes. Drafts makes it easy to filter the types of notes and then perform custom operations on them. Simple.
Mint.nat stacked Drafts
Founder of (Developing). Medical Student...
Use this for quick brain bump
Kashish Sharma
Kashish Sharma stacked Drafts
Venture Growth @AngelList India✌️ | 🏠 = 🇮🇳🇨🇳🇧🇪🇱🇰🇹🇳🇮🇹
The fastest way to take impromptu notes on your mobile.
Brad Brooks
Brad Brooks stacked Drafts
Graphic Designer/#cartoonist ✏️, Apple freak , Arsenal fa...
It's simple to use to write a note, tweet or anything else across all my devices.
Luca Halma
Luca Halma stacked Drafts
co-founder at noow.
It all starts here
maique stacked Drafts
🌴🍦📷 Photographer 🍭 Lisbon 💻 [[email protected] ~]$
Every text, message, mail, tweet, note and a lot more start here. Or it should.
David Bennett
David Bennett stacked Drafts
Dao Dow
It syncs / it's easy to use / it's flexible /
Nicolas Duchemin
Nicolas Duchemin stacked Drafts
Digital Marketer | Photographer | Lifelong Learner | No-C...
Allows me to quickly capture text on computer/phone and voice from Apple Watch. From there, I can choose where to send the text with some smart automations.
Jenna Dixon
Fong Yang
Fong Yang stacked Drafts
I'm a systems engineer and love tech of all kinds.
Great way to start writing for notes without complicated navigation
iamjaco stacked Drafts
I am an entrepreneur. I am a biltong aficionado. I am a c...
All my writing start here, whether it’s a text or a thesis.
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