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Jacob Sam-La Rose
Jacob Sam-La Rose stacked Drafts
Just another writer, educator, poetry professor, artistic...
It's a text editor. But it's also so much more— simple enough to get out of the way of my writing, but powerful enough to let me build Javascript-powered actions to manipulate my notes, and to serve as a capable knowledge management platform complete with wiki-links.
Yejun Su
Yejun Su stacked Drafts
@elixirlang lover | Big fan of @NotionHQ | doom-emacs ent...
Where texts starts is so cool.
Neo Zhang
Neo Zhang stacked Drafts
strategy head @ zhihu / writer @getptplus
Always start fresh with a new note. Fastest way to start jotting down my thoughts.
Platform Thinking +
Platform Thinking + stacked Drafts
A guide to the world of platforms.
Always start fresh with a new note. Fastest way to start jotting down my thoughts.
Adrian le Bas
Adrian le Bas stacked Drafts
I design and build things on the internet. Head of Develo...
It was an instant success as a low friction note-taking experience on mobile and desktop, iCloud sync between devices makes it extra useful.
Graham Gnall
Graham Gnall stacked Drafts
Earthling • Building @getbraavo
Working memory for text.
Victoria Teasdale
Victoria Teasdale stacked Drafts
Workflow design coach for diverse thinkers. Mama to 2 SEN...
I take a LOT of random notes. I need to do a LOT of different things with those notes. Drafts makes it easy to filter the types of notes and then perform custom operations on them. Simple.
Mint.nat stacked Drafts
Founder of (Developing). Medical Student...
Use this for quick brain bump
Michael Suen
Michael Suen stacked Drafts
Principal, Weirdo by Design. Adjunct design faculty, CUNY...
Drafts offers the shortest distance between brain and digital action. After you've dumped a note, thought, link, tweet, or message into a draft, triage as needed to Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, Things, Fantastical, Bear, Notion, SMS, your browser, or any other tools you use.
Kashish Sharma
Kashish Sharma stacked Drafts
Venture Growth @AngelList India✌️ | 🏠 = 🇮🇳🇨🇳🇧🇪🇱🇰🇹🇳🇮🇹
The fastest way to take impromptu notes on your mobile.
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