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Yaşar Uzbossk.bizKumar
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Yuri Moreno
Yuri Moreno stacked Discord
me? ->
best to hangout with friends
Kumar stacked Discord
coder. maker. hacker.
successfully using this for remote work! Most of the time we need voice call and screen sharing. Now, this even supports video call in a voice channel. I am surprised why people are not using this for remote work!
maxart stacked Discord
Design lead at Twitch/AWS. Previously Facebook, Airbnb, E...
Where a lot of my non-work interactions happen.
Bryan Veloso
Bryan Veloso stacked Discord
Gamer, Twitch broadcaster, retired professional web desig...
It's run by a team that cares and has a sense of humor. They've become the de-facto way to connect with my friends, and my community. Unseating services like Slack and Zoom for me is just icing on the cake.
Seb Jachec
Jay Que
Jay Que stacked Discord
Student who loves cheap quality stuff
My primary means of communication for everything ranging from games, friends, projects, academics, and more!
Todd Ashley
Todd Ashley stacked Discord
Engineer @ Looking for amazing products
Buttery smooth UI, lovely animations, and well integrated
Ariel Lam
Ariel Lam stacked Discord
swe intern x5. playlist professional. soon to be @apple, ...
I like the concept of servers where you can just hop on a call when people are online. I'm not a big online gamer, but I've used Discord for organizations and project teams.
Alex Girard
Slava Dubovitsky
Slava Dubovitsky stacked Discord
Lead Apple platforms Developer @EndelSound
Switched there from Slack and never got any doubt since then.
Jack DeManche
Jack DeManche stacked Discord
I'm just a boy, sitting in front of a computer, asking it...
So much more than a chat service for gaming.
Adil Madhani
Adil Madhani stacked Discord
Web Developer and Entrepreneur
Best communication platform for personal relationships and communities.
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