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People that stacked Discord

Adam J. Kerpelman
Adam J. Kerpelman stacked Discord
Building better LegalTech/Crypto/Dispute stuff like https...
Awesome Slack alternative for different community dynamics.
blvck_md stacked Discord
Hello there!
My school used it during quarantine and it was damn funny because of the gamer names the boys and I have
v.keerthi vikram
v.keerthi vikram stacked Discord
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
One of the best free tools to communicate.
Rohit Alexander
Rohit Alexander stacked Discord
Designer & Art Director • Owner at Pixel Plotters Design ...
Discord has gone from becoming a gamer-centric chat service to an all-round online community hub for any medium. Kudos to the OG Slack! ;)
John HayesAnna GrigoryanCalcutta Puri
Owen stacked Discord
17 year old backend Rust developer and aspiring sysadmin....
Organized and powerful permissions system and a robust developer community
Danny de Vries
Danny de Vries stacked Discord
I'm an Indie Maker building digital products for the web ...
Active on a couple of communities over here.
Kevin stacked Discord
Interested in good UI/UX, innovative design, and generall...
-Custom emoji support -Beautiful UI -Mobile voice chat bubble is very functional and convenient -Message reactions Just the best team communication app in my opinion. It's too bad they've had the negative connotation associated with gAMeRs for so long.
Bryant Jefferson
Bryant Jefferson stacked Discord
Writer. Business Analyst for mrfreshasian. Interested in ...
Perfect for building a very personal community experience as part of your content offerings.
Victor stacked Discord
self-management / org-tech / token economics / web3 / DAO...
Setup a server, gather your community - i miss threads, though...
julien zmiro
julien zmiro stacked Discord
Designer @intercom and co-maker of @eeselapp
Super easy to join / leave communities.
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