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571 people use Discord. Do you?


People that stacked Discord

𝐋𝐔𝐊𝐘 𝐕𝐉 stacked Discord
Design & code @Algolia - CSS, JavaScript enthusiast - @bu...
Love to use discord when I work on a side project. Also to talk with communities, like I created and we have our very own discord server with bots and such. The plateform is flexible and I love developing bots for it.
Aleksander Antoszek
Aleksander Antoszek stacked Discord
Student, artist, writer, creator. Minimalist & singletask...
The funniest communications app ever. It makes me want to talk to people!
Varun Rustomji
Varun Rustomji stacked Discord
Computer Science Student, Quarantine Inspired Blogger, Cu...
You use for group chats and discussions. Many active communities and lots of interesting uses for this app even though I'm not a gamer.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy stacked Discord
Dogs. Saunas. Beer. Photography. Meditation.
Great for gaming chat!
Alejandro León
Alejandro León stacked Discord
Designer & Developer. Founder of Spline (
Best communication tool!
Federico Gaggio
Federico Gaggio stacked Discord
Brand & Creative Leadership. Strategy Story Culture Desig...
Well designed product, free. Better than Slack
Ayush stacked Discord
At best when creating something!
The best chat app ever made.
Adam J. Kerpelman
Adam J. Kerpelman stacked Discord
Building better LegalTech/Crypto/Dispute stuff like https...
Awesome Slack alternative for different community dynamics.
blvck_md stacked Discord
Hello there!
My school used it during quarantine and it was damn funny because of the gamer names the boys and I have
v.keerthi vikram
v.keerthi vikram stacked Discord
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
One of the best free tools to communicate.
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