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AloheĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
I Design and Develop creative products
Easy to set up and use cloud services that help to deploy and scale applications
Prasanna Vaidya
Prasanna VaidyaĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
Co founder @gydeai
Most developer-friendly cloud.
aphelĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
I write stuff I find cool.
For when you need 'cheaper' (than AWS, at least) servers, but high reliability
Anthony Feint
Anthony FeintĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
Founder of Currently building
Cheap servers, great community and works well with other services
Pratyush Mittal
Pratyush MittalĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
Stock investor and a hobby coder.
Fast, reliable and cheap.
Steve Paulo
Steve PauloĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
Dev @blendlabsinc. Xoogler. Maker @PastimeLabs & @WearMou...
I've used Linode, I've used Ionos, I've used Vultr, I've used AWS EC2... and DO is still the best pricing/features/ease combo I've found.
Akanimoh Idio
Akanimoh IdioĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
Closet clown. Building @stokifyA
Best droplet providers ever
Stefan Rasmussen
Stefan RasmussenĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
Full-stack entrepreneur with a passion for design and new...
Clean UI and reliable infrastructure.
Frode Jensen
Frode JensenĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
Tech lead @ & Founder of @SociusCo
Simplicity as a feature.
Jevin Sew
Jevin SewĀ stackedĀ DigitalOcean
Rails / iOS developer. Currently building
Awesome pricing for good servers!
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