Destiny 2
Dive into the free-to-play world and FPS combat
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Kenneth stacked Destiny 2
If I could eat only one sandwich for the rest of my life—...
Bungie's lore and worldbuilding have always been top-notch, and Destiny is no exception. The gunplay? Creatively rewarding. stacked Destiny 2
✨ keeps all his LEDs lit 💡 was once described as "a snack...
It feels like old Halo, like when Bungie made it :).
Dakota Lewallen
Dakota Lewallen stacked Destiny 2
The guy trying to build useful things.
One of the most unique games out there. Deep lore, great communities. Can't go wrong
Ehsan stacked Destiny 2
dev at @BRDHQ, maker of @apphindsight, pixel pusher at @o...
A solid sci-fi first-person shooter / RPG with a mind-blowing amount of engaging PvE and PvP content. Great with friends.
Ali Zahid
Ali Zahid stacked Destiny 2
Partnerships @unsplash + Scouting @ramenventures | [email protected]
Loved the campaign and multiplier on it
Benjamin South Lee
Benjamin South Lee stacked Destiny 2
Connecting dots @Sonar. Formerly Head of Product Design @...
Easy to jump in with friends and make progress towards a goal
Svg Knomad
Svg Knomad stacked Destiny 2
Digital Content Specialist | Music Producer | Writer ✏️ | ...
It never ends!
D. stacked Destiny 2
Tech + Lifestyle + Wealth Creation
I love the open-world aspect of the game and it continues to have new maps/features etc added to it.
Patrick Hennessey
Patrick Hennessey stacked Destiny 2
I work at Google as an APM. I recently graduated from USC...
Playing on Google Stadia is pretty neat!
Cliff Ings
Cliff Ings stacked Destiny 2
Gamer, baker, Netflix lover.
Consistently amazing game and still having fun after all these years.
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