Design Of Everyday Things
The ultimate guide to human-centered design
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Parker Henderson
Parker Henderson stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Building products @RedBull. Overly passionate and optimis...
It was the first book I read when I became interested in design and it has stood the test of time. I have reread it numerous times and frequently find myself referencing it in conversations about design.
david stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Product designer
Design of Everyday Things is a mind opener & took me into the depth of design thinking & how it applies to everyday living. I highly recommend for anyone looking to get a wider perspective of design & how it affects you every single day.
𝒌𝒖𝒏𝒎𝒊JoelAndrew Tye
JORDAN stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Product Manager by day, dad by night.
A good reminder of how important design and usability is.
Mehmet Soyusatici
Mehmet Soyusatici stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Web & Graphic Designer at Hometime, full of witty remarks...
The go-to book for both industrial and product designers alike, it's made well-known concepts such as signifiers and affordances in the design community, and many more.
Juan Vaamonde
Am Sagarwala
Am Sagarwala stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Thinker and tinkerer of all things #digital. Digital Expe...
Probably the most influential UX design book out there to date.
Kieron Kevan
Kieron Kevan stacked Design Of Everyday Things
I'm a UX designer living in Liverpool. I love design, lea...
Still reading this but it’s full of gems.
Charles Nathan pomle
Charles Nathan pomle stacked Design Of Everyday Things
• Industrial design student • Using tech products and sof...
An informative but not too dense read. Avoids some of the jargon of the industry to get straight to the point.
Jenny Sousa
Jenny Sousa stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Product Designer in the eternal study of life experiences...
This book summarizes usability, behaviorism and design psychology in general
Elmasry stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Creating products in the morning, lifting at night. Build...
This book changed the way I look at the design of everything around me and it gave me the confidence to question any man made design and how it could be better
Kieron KevanMax Yakin Bozek スParth Mistry
Sam Spencer
Sam Spencer stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Christian. Making ephemeral sketches on ephemeral screens.
This book changes the way you see, the way you think, and the way you engage with the world around you. You realize things don't have to be the way they are; you can alter reality.
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