Design Of Everyday Things
The ultimate guide to human-centered design
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Jenny Sousa
Jenny Sousa stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Product Designer in the eternal study of life experiences...
This book summarizes usability, behaviorism and design psychology in general
Elmasry stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Creating products in the morning, lifting at night. Build...
This book changed the way I look at the design of everything around me and it gave me the confidence to question any man made design and how it could be better
rebeccaNadiaShivam Dewan
Sam Spencer
Sam Spencer stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Christian. Making ephemeral sketches on ephemeral screens.
This book changes the way you see, the way you think, and the way you engage with the world around you. You realize things don't have to be the way they are; you can alter reality.
It builds the basic understanding of the design.
Richard Nwankwo
Richard Nwankwo stacked Design Of Everyday Things
A curious builder of things
The fundamentals of how to understand the art of design.
Ballywho Creative
Ballywho Creative stacked Design Of Everyday Things
Loud belly rumbler
Classic - makes aha’s happen
arty. stacked Design Of Everyday Things
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Best UX Book ever
The basic rules of design lies on every little thing we use every day in our life. This book describes how these common things been built. The logics can be used to any design of products, procedures, or services.
Covers a lot of ways of making design that's useable
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