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Jonas Schmahl
Jonas Schmahl stacked DeepL
learning — obsessed with product and innovation
Best, most natural translator I know
Maria Teresa Stella
Maria Teresa Stella stacked DeepL
UX/UI Designer | In a complicated relationship with Glute...
Cool extension that enables quick translations of terms into another/your language
Marko Saric
Marko Saric stacked DeepL
On a mission to help you share what you love and get disc...
Great independent translation service. Fewer languages than Google Translate but much better for those that they do cover!
I.D. [sw11sh]
I.D. [sw11sh] stacked DeepL
Everything is okay in the end. If it's not ok, then it's ...
A more reliable translator than the ever popular Google Translate. If you've been using google to get most of your translating work done then you're in for a treat.
Benjamin Perrin
Benjamin Perrin stacked DeepL
freelance copywriter | newsletter junkie | content digger...
Game-changing tool for live translation
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