Day One Journal
The best app for journaling.
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Priscilla Mok
Priscilla Mok stacked Day One Journal
I'm a designer, doodler, cyclist and corgi mum.
I've been using it for years to keep a journal of what I did everyday.
Klint Ramdass
Klint Ramdass stacked Day One Journal
Product Manager, Tech Nerd, Music Geek, Husband, Dad. Opi...
Keeps a log of my kids' milestones.
Ross Varrette
Ross Varrette stacked Day One Journal
Husband | Father | Techie | Musician | Creative
It’s not only a journal. I keep all the things I like in a journal for later reference.
Nima stacked Day One Journal
I'm a UX/UI Designer
Makes your life worth living.
Mike Weiss
Mike Weiss stacked Day One Journal
Lover of technology, soccer and the outdoors
I had Journalbot which was perfect. This is a good more feature rich alternative.
Justin E. Harris
Justin E. Harris stacked Day One Journal
🏅1,000x move goal medalist👨🏽‍🔧 ops @voidvr👨🏽‍💻 creative @vision...
Perfect app with journal prompts to get your creative writing juices flowing.
Joseph Wood
Joseph Wood stacked Day One Journal
Data Strategist that is obsessed with learning, reading, ...
I've been journaling in this app for years.
Ted Avery
Ted Avery stacked Day One Journal
Exploring the world and making things on the internet. Co...
The best journaling app. Cross-platform, cloud sync. Have used sporadically since 2012 and am very happy to have a lot to look back on.
Nichanan Kesonpat
Nichanan Kesonpat stacked Day One Journal
📝 | 👩🏻‍💻 ReactJS, Solidity, NodeJS | 💼 spiritc...
I love that you can use templates to get a quick start on daily journalling. It also has great support for photos so it's fun to browse through even without reading. Syncs seamlessly across devices
erika stacked Day One Journal
Tech and Productivity nerd who loves pretty much all thin...
I've been struggling to journal for the longest time until I found this app. Awesome and simple UI. Makes journaling a breeze and super enjoyable from anywhere and everywhere! ☺️
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