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Michael HenryDaniel PichelRoss Varrette
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Michael Henry
Michael Henry stacked Dark Reader
🌊 Waterman 📸 Photo / Video 💻Product Manager At Adobe on P...
Eye saver. Once a week someone at work asks me "how do you get X website in dark mode?!?!" Dark Reader is the answer
Ross Varrette
Ross Varrette stacked Dark Reader
Husband | Father | Techie | Musician | Creative
Keep it dark.
Stefan Natter
Stefan Natter stacked Dark Reader
#SoftwareEngineer @lovelysystems |
Dark Theme everywhere.
Kevin Gutschner
Joe Hootman
Joe Hootman stacked Dark Reader
Love to make computers think about data, write code, craf...
Dark mode is not a fashion accessory, but the key to accessibility for a lot of folks. Often does a better job rendering than than some native implementations. “Here, I fixed it for you.”
Brad BrooksPratik GandhiLucas
Yuri Moreno
Yuri Moreno stacked Dark Reader
me? ->
deliveries the dream of every website in the dark mode xD
Alex Kazakov
Alex Kazakov stacked Dark Reader
Behavioral technology dreamer and connector! Group Produc...
I use it by default, especially when working or browsing at night. It also works much better at choosing colours that are always readable on the background than built-in beta feature in Google Chrome.
Daniel Pichel
Daniel Pichel stacked Dark Reader
product guy, entrepreneurial mind, creative brain, soul o...
Should this not be the default #1 add on to any browser? Using this on a every day basis when sun has set.
David Alejandro ⧩
David Alejandro ⧩ stacked Dark Reader
Front-Dev. Helping businesses & brands stand out w/ the p...
I like it because this way I prevent my eyes from being damaged by the light on the screen
LucasYuri MorenoAlex Kazakov
Danny Ohana
Danny Ohana stacked Dark Reader
A software engineer by trade and a designer by passion. C...
An extension that works great in Brave. Use `alt-shift-d` to toggle dark mode on all websites, even ones that aren't optimized for dark mode. Dark Reader usually works surprisingly well.
Stefan NatterAlex KazakovPedro Wunderlich
Shafff stacked Dark Reader
Great for nighttime
Alex Kazakov
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