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By Ray Dalio
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dayna stacked Ray Dalio
2x trivia champion
This book really changed my perspective on working with others. Many of the principles seem so simple, but put all together are very impactful.
Jazzi Cooper
Jazzi Cooper stacked Ray Dalio
Fintech founder, building new things in personal finance ...
It covers foundational Principles in both life & business. There is more overlap than you would think.
JC stacked Ray Dalio
Product Manager / Software developer No-Code enthusiast
Dalio has some pretty good insights in how he runs Bridgewater, great story also.
Alex Bass
Alex Bass stacked Ray Dalio
Founder & CEO at CyberBytes + Podcast Host at Analysis Pa...
Ray Dalio is a smart man, over-encompasses business and life.
Andra Vomir
Mariel Vargas
Mariel Vargas stacked Ray Dalio
I’m a curious startup founder and former Search PM.
Framework for how to live and work.
Rui Zhi Dong
Rui Zhi Dong stacked Ray Dalio
Better framework for decision making
Francisco Miguel Loureiro
Francisco Miguel Loureiro stacked Ray Dalio
Working in Finance, with interests in investments, tech, ...
It’s not often that we have someone as accomplished and insightful openly sharing the experiences, approaches and principles acquired through life. Numerous ideas and quotes worth keeping.
محمد stacked Ray Dalio
Sharing helpful tools
It’s the gist of Ray’s wisdom and knowledge from what he learned crom life.
Jaydev Karande
Jaydev Karande stacked Ray Dalio
A loving Father, Husband, Son and Friend whose purpose in...
See above.
It spurred me to write down my own principles. They help me live better and I update them at least quarterly.
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