Creative Selection
Book by Ken Kocienda
Sachit BhatVikalp SRak Garg
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Sachit Bhat
Sachit Bhat stacked Creative Selection
Quest to optimize life
A bottom-up look into the creation and development process at Apple. Highly recommend.
Vikalp S
Vikalp S stacked Creative Selection
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Anyone involved in product development must read this. It is the core of how a developer's mind works.
Matt stacked Creative Selection
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It's a great book which tells the story behind some of the products we take for granted today.
Jayden Thompson
Jayden Thompson stacked Creative Selection
Designer and Creative.
Haven’t finished yet but this book is great.
Aytekin stacked Creative Selection
Founder @JotForm || (contact: [email protected])
It tells the story of how Apple comes up with such great products.
Anthony stacked Creative Selection
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It’s an excellent inside look at how some of Apple’s most forward thinking and iconic products were developed. A narrative on process packed with insight about how intuition and taste can be leveraged to make great products.
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