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FoxFire720 stacked Copilot
Designing tech stuff in Upstate NY. Mostly tweeting about...
Hands down the best budgeting app out there right now.
Ryan stacked Copilot
Improving access to care at Ride Health.
Most reliable transaction categorization in a budgeting app.
Alex Heath
Alex Heath stacked Copilot
Reporter @TheInformation covering Facebook and its compet...
Best budgeting software I’ve found in terms of ease of use.
Frank Petruccelli
Jayme Hoffman
Jayme Hoffman stacked Copilot
Entrepreneur, product advisor/investor and breakfast taco...
Easiest way to defend your money and manage spending. The app is beautifully designed and takes all the guesswork out of budgeting. I can't recommend Copilot enough.
Nico stacked Copilot
js wrangler. prev @ibm, @bluewolf, @devbootcamp. doing it...
Best personal finance app of all time. I **actually** hit my monthly budget the first month using it, which is an incredible accomplishment after 8 years of blowing past it every month.
Alexander Sumarli
Alexander Sumarli stacked Copilot
Medical student who is very interested in optimizing the ...
After trying 3-4 budgeting apps, I find this app really intuitive and easy to use albeit being really customizable. Very highly recommended!
Nate Bosshard
Nate Bosshard stacked Copilot
Now: Co-Founder @tonal. Then: @khoslaventures @nest ...
Absolutely the best personal finance, tracking and visualization tool. Connect cash, credit cards, stocks, bonds, debt, carts, insurance policies etc. into a single beautiful view or get granular.
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Bailey Jennings
Bailey Jennings stacked Copilot
Product @snagajob
It’s the budget app to end all budgets apps.
LukeFernandez stacked Copilot
Head of Growth at @Wikibuy (acquired by Capital One). ...
Most simple and well designed budgeting app that exists. Auto-categorization is key.
Kevin Gilbert
Kevin Gilbert stacked Copilot
Proud Husband and Father of three boys. My beautiful wife...
Helping me get away from Mint, finally. Best personal finance app I've found.
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