A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios
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Brian LovinGraeme FultonTrevor Murphy
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Trevor Murphy
Trevor Murphy stacked Contrast
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Inexpensive tool but allows you to check contrast across apps. Really simple and easy to use
Juan Vaamonde
Juan Vaamonde stacked Contrast
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A handy menu bar app for picking the colour of some text and the background it's on in your latest design, which then spits out how inaccessible they soft grey text is. Bit pricey, but it's well executed and helpful. Treat. Yo. Self.
Aarón García
Aarón García stacked Contrast
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Color picker and contrast ratio checker. Perfect for designers and developers.
Graeme Fulton
Graeme Fulton stacked Contrast
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Great for checking and grabbing colours too. Good WCAG guidelines on their website too for learning about accessibility.
JulieFahad ZafarAaron
Anders Kravis
Anders Kravis stacked Contrast
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So well designed for what it does
Brian Lovin
Brian Lovin stacked Contrast
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Designers: use this. It's a lightweight macOS menu bar application to quickly test for accessible color contrast ratios.
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