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Simply your thoughts.
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Brendan Weinstein
Brendan Weinstein stacked Collected Notes
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Testing it out
Leo Giovanetti
Leo Giovanetti stacked Collected Notes
Technical Manager, @Globant @PDigitalUY
Such a breath of fresh air in the whole note-taking marketplace, erasing the lines between fast, easy and fully loaded with little tweaks that makes the experience be in a whole new level. And the history behind the whole idea and execution it’s the perfect cherry on top 👏👏
Ale stacked Collected Notes
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I built this is because no tool out there satisfied my needs. I wanted to take private notes on my iPhone/iPad, publish some of them online and use them to power my blog.
Leandro Ardissone
Adrian stacked Collected Notes
Software engineer, that’s pretty much it...
A mix from 2 worlds, a perfect place for private notes and if you feel like it, just publish it and let the world read your thoughts.
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